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It is now the Galaxy S11, the new Samsung phone in 2020

Samsung does not stop and wants to be one step ahead in the high-end smartphone market. 

There are more and more rumors that the Korean company is preparing its next S-series equipment. 
And there is talk that the official launch could be in October 2020, days before the Mobile World Congress.
The information has been leaked that indicates that the Galaxy S11 could have a periscopic camera with 5x zoom and a primary sensor of 108 megapixels. A photograph of the camera module that these devices may have was also released. This phone will surely compete in the market against the foldable two-screen Surface Duo phone that Microsoft recently introduced, and the Huawei Mate X.
Samsung is the best-selling smartphone brand in Mexico, followed by Huawei and Apple that are still in the battle to lead the smartphone market in Mexico, according to The Competitive Intelligence Unit (CIU).

What Apple will introduce today?

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How to search Google to properly Google?

A prevalent scenario in my day-to-day life: "Harilaos comes and asks me how it is possible to handle this program on my computer or how to find the right setting in an application?

And I come in my turn and say to him, "Well dude, do a Google search before you ask me."

Or, maybe, if you feel a bit of a twist or if you have fallen for Harilaou question a hundred times so far and you have sneered at her, you send her to the now known LMGTFY. Where Charilaos insists: "but I searched before asking you, and I found nothing!". Don't Bother Charilaos - give me the link to this article.

The reason that Charilaos failed to do so and returned to his primary source of information - yes, you - is not that he did not search but that he did not search sufficiently or adequately. To horrify how the average user uses Google to type in "how can I" or some other query authority on Google:

Most behave like a human in the search engine - something Google recognizes…

New ASCPD decision to remove links from Google

The Personal Data Protection Authority made an exciting decision to satisfy the right to forgetfulness.

According to the applicant, the publications in question started by newspapers, then false and defamatory - allegedly by the applicant - the news was channeled and republished.

Were published in a multitude of media, so today the same publications appear as single or minor variations on several websites.

It does not remove since it relates to the professional activity of the applicant. It has played and continues to play a prominent role in the public.

Such information as it relates to the professional activity of the applicant, still of interest to the public and is not dia.

Among other things, the Authority states in its decision that it must be accepted that the applicant, although not a public person, may be considered, because of his professional activity, to be a person having a role in public life.

As explained in Opinion WP 225 of the Article 29 Working Party, the criterion…

Google, Facebook, Amazon support Trump, against France

The relationship between Donald Trump and the most significant US tech companies may have gone through a thousand waves at times.

But it seems like the emergence of a common enemy is capable of warming their relations.

According to Bloomberg, Google, Facebook, and Amazon will testify Monday in Washington in support of the Trump administration's potential punishment for France.

The reason for the move is the imposition of a 3% tax on international technology companies with global revenues of at least 750m euros and digital sales of 25m in France.

French digital tax "is a sharp departure from established tax rules and targets specific businesses," according to comments made by a Google spokesman at a hearing at the Office of the Retailer today.

The US is investigating the new tax Macron signed last month, using a tool that could be a precursor to new tariffs or other trade restrictions.

US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer could take action even on August 26, when a …

Which countries are having connection problems?

People around the world are reporting that users of Google services are having big problems.

Lack of access mainly concerns western and eastern US states. But there is also a problem in areas of Britain, Belgium and Brazil.

Google, according to users, is having problems with its server. Due to issues, it is impossible to connect to services. However, the problem probably spots in Google Chrome, as relating from other browsers, seems to be possible.

Google has confirmed that many users are unable to sign in and said there is a problem resolving the problem.